Pilot & Initiative Schemes

At Green Elms, we are currently taking part in 2 initiatives in addition to the usual services we provide.
They are:

  • Cancer Awareness Campaign

The Public Health team in Essex are working in partnership with the Green Elms Health Centre, Cancer Research UK and CVS Tendring, to better understand what people want to know about signs and symptoms that could possibly be cancer.

When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage treatment is more likely to be successful.

Jaywick has a very poor record of early presentations and we are working with Public Health to build awareness of cancer.

Clinical Pharmacist Pilot Scheme

Clinical pharmacists are highly qualified health professionals who train for many years to become specialists in medicines and how they work.
They work directly with the general practice team, to make sure your medicines help you get better and stay well.
Having a clinical pharmacist in the practice team means you can be treated by the best professional for your needs.

All pharmacists are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.